• Design based on reality

    Turning real environments into high-quality, photo-realistic 3D objects

  • 360-degree stills & videos


  • More than creating images

    Turning real persons and animals into high-quality, photo-realistic 3D objects

Content creation

Every good story awakens emotions, changes perceptions and has the power to convince.
Our passion and competence is storytelling - independent of the media.

Our story begins with much more than just a simple picture. We deliver inspiring stills, captivating animations, breathtaking VFX, emotional films, and interactive and virtual media for projects across all markets.

Whatever we transfer from reality or fantasy into pixels and code can easily and simply be output in different channels, whether virtual reality, augmented reality, or touch and web applications.



We are working hard to take computer-generated images to the next level with state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. Our 3D Photogrammetry Rig enables us to capture full-color 360-degree scans and surface textures in just a few steps.

Lidar / laser technologies allow us to present real-world locations photo-realistically.

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3D Modeling & Animation

Whether your products or your marketing assets need a photo-realistic or painterly approach or a clear graphic style, our CGI departments are at your disposal with the most advanced tools in their toolbox.

Buildings, rooms or processes can be presented realistically with 3D animations. Processes can be simulated in detail and thus become "comprehensible". Configurators invite you to customize scenarios and designs.


360 media productions

When it comes to 360° video our goal is to build interactive and immersive environment and create live-action experiences where viewers would be able to feel like they are put into real scenes. 360 Videos can be viewed on any computer, cell phone, mobile devices and head-mounted display like the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go or the Samsung Gear VR.

We know how to handle every 360-degree-project from concept phase, pre-production to production.


Photo- & film productions

We are a team of creative people and technicians. We love film and expressive images, we are flexible and eager to experiment with creative solutions. Therefore, we are not limited to one field of activity and extend the scope up to 360°.

We also have experience in dealing with a variety of locations, productions with professional actors, with sporting events, attractions and the combination of real image, animation and 2D / 3D content.