Consulting, lectures & concept development

Consulting, strategy and workshops

In our CONNECTED REALITY events, everyone interested in X-Reality benefits from our extensive experience since 2011. You can participate in lectures and innovation workshops or book your individual keynote speech or project workshop. Your big advantage is that we work with all interactive media, AR technologies and VR glasses and have developed our own multi-channel system over the years. For example, a special VR software or various, stationary or mobile VR stations.

We have already designed, implemented and successfully launched sophisticated interactive experience projects for the most diverse top companies.

We can show you how to define your goals, how to approach your own XR project, which processes to go through, and how you can leverage the possibilities and opportunities of XR for yourself.


  • (Touch) terminals, monitor systems, digital signage

    Touch Presentations are an innovation that catches the attention of every audience. Users playfully discover the content presented and interact with visual content in a much more entertaining and intuitive way. This way, presentations - complex 3D data as well as high-quality 2D product catalogs, casual games and company presentations - become unique and unforgettable experiences.

  • VR glasses (Cardboard, Oculus GO, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Vive Focus, Oculus Rift)
    We can organize different devices for our customers and know which device makes sense for which situation.

    Depending on the requirements and on-site use by your target group, either as foldable cardboard or as compact glasses. We are also happy to provide you with complete sets of glasses, smartphones and PC computers, configure apps and maintain VR data and required updates.

  • Mobile and stationary VR stations
    We have developed our own VR stations for the use of VR projects. Our "Mobile Station" is specially designed for the use of trade fairs and events.
    For stationary solutions, we the experience of the Allianz Arena to show for, for example.

    If desired, the VR stations can be visually adapted to your brand image. For use at large events, at trade fairs, at action booths in your shop or office, etc.

  • Installation, exhibition support (via a partner)
    For the construction of stations, for the support of the technology, for the instruction of service personnel and for short and flexible reaction times, we work together with an external partner. The advantage for our customers is the extended know-how and the coordination of the projects.