We shape the future

As a first mover, we have very intensively been involved with VR since 2011 and have dealt thoroughly and comprehensively with the possibilities, the technology and its opportunities on the market. We were able to set trend-setting standards with realized flagship projects.

Our customers can present and position themselves simply, innovatively, modern and with great added value using virtual reality, augmented reality and touch applications.

About us

Connected Reality (www.connected-reality.com) is a registered label of

Coach Communication GmbH
Balanstrasse 73, Haus 8
81541 Munich

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Connected Reality offers a lot of experience in the field of branding and marketing and deals with innovative and new solutions. The understanding of corporate and sales structures, the knowledge of hurdles and problems as well as the extensive consulting services make the difference.

The Connected Reality team stands for professionalism, creativity, quality and surprising concepts. An objective and professional advice is always in the foreground.

We are focused on delivering real passion. Our production office and studio is a manifold creative spot where many types of productions and applications are created. Our versatile studio can accommodate almost any type of production.



If you have any questions regarding our field of work, our services, about what is possible, about the different technologies and their potential value for your company or any other matter, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help and to share our expertise.